Why did we choose that name? Who is Pulp and who is Pith? 

To start with we had long lists of potential names. Unsigned, Spraycan, Atelier, Kommos, BeatStop, ArtCase, ArtFan, BoxSet, Spick & Span, to name a few. Some of them were taken, some of them we had to pay thousands of dollars to buy the domain, a lot of them just didn’t feel right.

Sonia didn’t want reference to animals. I didn’t want abstract ideas. Nothing with ‘sh’, I can’t pronounce it properly. We wanted something we can play around with promo materials and design. Something creative but also flexible. When Sonia first mentioned Pulp & Pith or maybe she mentioned Lemon Pith first, it wasn’t a love at first sight (she had them written in a notebook). I actually remember asking her what ‘pith’ is, which a lot of people have asked me since, so I don’t feel that bad about not knowing. Then she talked a bit more about how she thought of it, we explored potential promo ideas, check if the domains were available and 'boom' we had a name. 

Sometimes people don’t understand us when we pronounce it, but it kind of keeps up the conversation. We think it’s a cool name, and represents us perfectly. Sonia says I am Pulp, I think she is Pulp, but I am now happy to accept it publicly that I am Pulp and she is Pith to stop having this conversation. In any case they are both equally important and work together to sustain tasty and fresh citrus fruits.