Jo's picks:

Wilton's Music Hall, because it has preserved its style throughout the years, sells Greek beer and has a very interesting artistic programme

The Yard Theatre, a beautiful venue in East London with great aesthetics, and a great mix of styles in their programme including music, theatre and events. 

Jamboree, a unique venue with live music every night. On Thursday night you can listen to jazz, swing out, and catch up with friends

Sonia's choices:

Union Chapel, it adds a tremendous epic feel to any performance. It has a wide programme which invites people from different backgrounds and never stops surprising its audience; plus you can get ice-cream without leaving your sit (…or beer).

Roundhouse, an ever changing space with incredible music, theatre, circus and spoken word programmes where the artistic vibe is truly palpable and its audience extremely responsive to it. Whether there is a gig with a stage on a side or an immersive performance every visit feels like an entire reinvention of the place.

Curzon Bloomsbury, the newly refurnished Renoir puts together an entire experience to cinema -having incredible comfortable seats and mysterious labyrinthian screens while providing a balance between rare and commercial films. It is even good just to hang out at its beautiful foyer and basement. It is not too busy, not too lonely and in the middle of hectic Central London this space is an oasis. Sadly, the wallet must be the one which decides how regular are the visits.