I went to Copenhagen for the Lindy Exchange, which means I spent most of my time there dancing rather than sightseeing. However, I did find some time to walk around and enjoy the amazing weather. 

Copenhagen has small oasis everywhere, parks, lakes, canals, it's beautiful. You can cycle everywhere and it's much safer than Amsterdam as cyclist don't run like crazy. The Danish are polite, blond mostly and tall. What a surprise! They can also get very creative with their signs. The cafes, shops and bars are nice and the design is really cool. The architecture is very mixed around the city with innovative shapes and more traditional buildings. 

In Christiania you will see the most adorable hippie children, a small  jewellery shop by the lake in someone's bedroom, unique genuine art in every cafe, corner, and shop. You will find piece of mind, a very functional community and probably wish to be able to stay until the rest of the world becomes like that. Make sure you go beyond the main more touristic paths to get a real feeling of the place.

A few tips:
-Go to Christiania
-Visit Nyhavn, although it''s very touristic it's very nice
-Tivoli gardens are beautiful but as it is also a theme park you will need to pay to get in
-Visit the Design Museum
-For vintage visit A Touch of Vintage on Badstuestraede 12, st
- A lot of other vintage and independent shops can be found on Studiestraede and the side streets. Sneaky Fox has a very nice collcetion.
-For Lindy Hoppers and swing dancers check out Hep Cats, Happy Feet Studio, and Swing Shoes