London Undone, a London tour base initiative operating since 2009, has put together a very interesting experience through the streets of Westminster. Women On the March is more than the capital's usual guided walking tour, taking its audience through a vivid journey of the suffragettes movement and women campaing for the right to vote during the early 20th century. Led by three ferocious, passionate and incredibly knowledgable women, this tour transforms itself into a theatrical piece revealing historical key moments while using the city as their stage.

Last month, Pulp & Pith joined the tour and travelled in time with a group of around 20+ people. The audience was very mix in gender, age and ethnicity, which was personally very satisfying. It showed how the organisers were reaching to various types of people and widenning the scope of interest in the topic. We were very impressed with the experience, their talent and their unique style of sharing relevant content about a subject few know about. We encourage you to join their walk and look back to what it took for women to be able to vote and more.

Next tour is this Sunday June 12th |  Book tickets