Hello Pulp & Pith people! I thought that it would be best to greet everyone with a post. My name is Charikleia and a new member of the Pulp & Pith team. I am glad to be a part of this creative company and share my thoughts about anything that crosses my mind lately. I am a big fool for music and with that being said, you will be reading a lot about music, performances in London and gigs that you shouldn’t miss (hopefully I won’t miss them too). Also about places that I believe are interesting, especially in South East London and anything that makes me smile really.

I think what has connected Sonia, Jo and me is our mutual and unconditional passion for the arts. Having studied Journalism and Mass Communications, I decided that I don’t only want to write about the arts, but actually be a part of this amazing world. That I wanted to promote, participate and why not, one day produce.

This led me to London. And boy oh boy, this was an interesting move. This post will be dedicated to a topic, that I hope some of you can relate to, growing to love London. I have to be honest with you. I didn’t love London from the beginning. I had visited before and it was absolutely beautiful, interesting and intriguing, but I realised from day one that it wouldn’t be easy to feel like home here. Maybe because of how huge it is, the distances, or the millions of people that you pass by everyday, whom you will probably never see again. It was all very overwhelming, and I won’t even touch on the topic of finding a place to live.

But I realised that in London you have to find what suits you and you will feel at home. And I am more than confident that you will find it since honestly, I haven’t come across a more diverse city than London. From the incredible music scene, to arts centres, stunning theatre venues, museums, galleries, theatre groups, underground venues, you name it and you will find it here. The diversity and creativity of this city inspires you, gives you the strength to believe in yourself and feel like you can make it. At least that is what I believe. Another thing that I love about London, is its different neighbourhoods that make you feel like you are almost in a different city, the people that walk on the street singing the tune they are listening to and many more that I won’t ramble on about in this post.

So I guess my advice would be to find your neighbourhoods and meet people. There are a lot out there!