I’m coming to you with a few words dedicated to an out-of-body music experience I had recently. We all have what I like to call our "artistic weaknesses". Some bands or theatre groups, artists, venues that we are more than biased about and for which we can’t help but absolutely adore everything they do. One of them for me has to be Florence And The Machine. Having said that, you can understand how I felt as soon as I booked the ticket for this show. There is something so amazing about the moment you are finally able to book a ticket for a cultural event you have always wanted to go to. Getting a ticket can sometimes become a sacred moment.

I know I’m exaggerating, but you would be lying if you said that you have never felt it, wouldn't you?. On Tuesday 8 May 2018, Florence And The Machine performed an intimate show at the Royal Festival Hall and frankly, no words can explain the performance or the emotional roller-coaster that this magical creature named Florence Welch can put you through in just a few hours.

The Royal Festival Hall transformed into a small music venue with not one-person seating and a jumping Florence, running around the audience, having fun and playing with the amazing gift she has. The stage was turned into a beautiful garden and Florence, wearing a flowy dress, appeared barefoot – as usual - on stage ready to raise everyone from their seats and have fun at home, as she said. I could go on and on about the performance, the songs and the intoxicating atmosphere of the show but I will leave that for another time.

I want to leave you however with this. A number of souls became one for a few hours in front of this magic thing that we call art! Isn’t that what it is about? Becoming one with all our differences and unique characteristics for one night.

Each performance is different and it only exists in time in our own minds and hearts. As she requested while performing a song, “put your phones down, this will end in four minutes so we better make those minutes count”. Sometimes you need someone to remind you that. Till next time! -

Here you can get a glimpse of the two new tracks from the up and coming album “High As Hope” about to be released on June 29!

Florence + The Machine - Hunger

Florence + The Machine – Sky Full Of Song

Written by: Charikleia Stringa