Are you overwhelmed by how many shows are in London? You want to go to the theatre but you find it hard to choose? Find below some suggestions from the Pulp & Pith team. 

Dinosaur Park by Superbolt Theatre 2-23 Jan 2016 St' James Theatre
Sold out in Edinburgh Fringe Dinosaur park is a theatrical celebration on the Spielberg’s classic. 

The Homecoming by The Jamie Lloyd Company  until 13 Feb 2016 Trafalgar Studios

Jane Wenham: The Witch of Walkern by Rebecca Lenkiewicz 5-30 Jan at Arcola Theatre
"A wonderfully spare and atmospheric production" – The Guardian

The Challenging Tide by Stavros Lillitos 12-30 Jan at Theatro Technis
A play about the past that is very relevant to the current economic, political and social situation now in Greece

Give Me Your Love by Ridiculusmus 12-30 Jan at Battersea Arts Centre
A show about post-traumatic stress and the therapeutic effects of MDMA 

Forget Me Not by Tom Holloway until 16 Jan at Bush Theatre