If you are working on a new production or developing further a play, you should consider creating a trailer, to share with audiences and potential venues. Promotional videos and trailers offer a unique window into the artistic process, bringing audiences into intimate connection and true engagement with the artists and the company. Videos are also a great tool for attracting attention on social media. 

Find below a few key elements to keep in mind if you are planning to create a new trailer for your production

  • Before you start working on any visual communication elements it's important to understand your audience. Conduct research on not just the demographic characteristics of your audience but also on their lifestyle and preferences. 
  • It is important that your trailer communicates the right message about the show without giving out too much, but also represents the personality of your company. Consider what your show is about, how you would communicate that in one minute and what are the play's strengths. 
  • Keep your trailer short. Most trailers range between 40 seconds and less than 2 minutes.
  • Make sure you provide the main information about your show clearly. (Venues, dates and times)
  • Include the company's name, your website, your social media details and a few quotes from relevant publications if applicable. 
  • When you are filming get enough footage in case you need to adjust your trailer in the future or develop some teasers. 
  • Your trailer should be flexible in terms of changing the show details, in order to be able to distribute it to different venues. 
  • If you are considering adding music, pick the songs carefully. Keep in mind that the songs you really like might not necessarily match with the video footage you have or with you show's personality.
  • Most trailers include live footage of performances but you can spice it up a little by including behind the scenes shots. If your production is new and you can not get live footage you can consider creating a teaser, filming on a location and starting building buzz around your performance.

If you need inspiration for your trailer, check the playlist below. If you need any further advice or help on developing your trailer just drop us a line at info@pulpandpith.com