One of the best things to do in London in my opinion is discovering new places and neighbourhoods. As promised, I had to mention in a post some of the places you need to visit in South East London if you still haven’t. Undoubtedly, South East London is a culturally diverse place, with interesting venues and some of the greatest views of central London.

Peckham Levels

If you still haven’t been convinced to visit Peckham, Peckham Levels will make you jump on the Overground and explore this vibrant cultural hub. The empty levels of this multi-storey carpark were transformed into seven levels filled with local businesses, offices and artist studios, seven street food kiosks, three bars and two restaurants. From interesting talks, yoga classes, to incredible food and local music talents, you name it and you can find it in Peckham Levels. By nurturing local creativity, this cultural hub showcases accurately Peckham’s identity, in a colourful panel. Fun fact, Peckham Level’s stairs is probably one of the most photographed spots in South East London. You will understand why as soon as you enter the building.

The Bussey Building

Staying in Peckham, the next place worth visiting is the Bussey Building. If you don’t mind climbing a fair number of stairs you will end up at the rooftop of this well-known building of the area, where in the summer it is open to the public for film screenings. A combination of new releases and old movies gives you a wide variety of choice. However, be prepared to probably get distracted by the city views and if you are lucky enough, by the sunset.

South London Gallery

A little further away, in Camberwell you will find the South London Gallery. The gallery is known for its robust programme of contemporary art exhibitions, events and education projects. Right next to the gallery you will find The Habit café, as well as the gallery’s two gardens. It is worth seeing the Orozco Garden, however bear in mind that it is open only on the weekends.


Lastly, I believe that visiting a South East London park is necessary. I would suggest a walk at Telegraph Hill park where you can also have a great view of the city if you want to avoid the very crowded Greenwich park. Also, for a great night out make sure you have in mind Rye Wax and if you are looking for a local market, Brockley Market takes pride in being the fine food market of South East London. These are just a few options that can give you a good alternative if you want a quick escape from the busy rhythms of the capital!