Pulp & Pith’s first produced project, SpeakUp Arts, is a series of events that brings together artists from different disciplines and audiences, challenging the traditional ways of consuming arts. The events will take place throughout 2016 and different artists will be involved in each one.

By giving artists a space to develop and approach their work differently, we explore how various art forms can co-exist and audiences can be engaged, offering unique and memorable experiences. SpeakUp Arts is a collaboration between creative people where the line separating artists and audiences is thin and blurry. Evenings to explore, create, experience art, and have fun.

Audience say:
Super fun night! Felt great to immerse in so many different walks of creativity, cheers!' Sumeet Two-ees
'Really loved the whole event! Great night!!' Nadine André 
'Great artists and beautiful jazz music.' Kim O'neill

SpeakUp Arts #2 at IKLECTIK Art-lab

An evening full of art, music, performances and secrets. 

SpeakUp Arts #1 at THE NINES

An evening to remember. Remember objects, stories, feelings and secret memories.